Got the Permit, Laid the Foundation

On August 4, 2009 we passed our first inspection and we poured the perimeter foundation on 8/19/09. On 8/20/09 we brought in almost 4 tons of road base, and on 8/21/09 we poured 18.25 yards of concrete! WOW, in some places the garage floor is 8″ thick. We could park a Mack truck in there.

On August 25, we acid etched the foundation and the garage floor and it looks pretty cool! Why did we acid etch the garage floor you ask? Dennis says – Why Not!

On Friday, August 28th we are having the first load of lumber delivered, and soon after that we should be installing trusses for the second floor. Once you get past the permit stage and the first inspection, the project moves pretty fast.

Currently Dennis is researching products and making the decisions with regard to sound isolation, both inside and outside. As we go through this building process we will blog about the materials used and the success or failure of these materials.

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