Studio Main Monitor Change

I have a pair of JBL C-50SM studio monitors that I am installing for my soffit speakers. These will augment a pair of Altec model 19 speakers that also will be soffit mounted and a pair of Yamaha NS-1o’s for Nearfield monitoring. The JBL C-50SM is a 2-Way speaker system. I am upgrading these to a 3-Way system by adding an Ultra High frequency tweeter in a separate enclosure for each and Tri-Amping.

The JBL C-50 then becomes a 3-way system using a 15” low frequency driver, a JBL 2312 driver with a JBL 2308 lens horn covering the mid-range and a JBL 2405 slot tweeter that takes the frequency range to above 20K  hz. I am going to bypass the factory crossover and use an Ashley SC-88 4-way Stereo crossover. This will allow me to tune the control room better and add a sub-woofer output at the same time.

The initial setup will use four stereo amplifiers, one for each frequency range: Sub woofer, Low frequency driver, Mid-range horn and High frequency slot tweeter.

I have not decided on a sub-woofer as yet. I have looked at many sub systems and I find each lacking in some way for my installation.  I am thinking I will have better luck building (2) isolated sub enclosures into the front control room wall and using an 18” JBL 2242H. JBL specifies an enclosure of 10 cubic feet for each speaker. I will start with the cross over set at 125hz. This speaker will extend the frequency response down to about 25hz. These speakers require a LOT of power and I have a Hafler P7000 that produces 350 watts per channel that will drive these subs.

The signal routing will be something like this:

Console      Patch Bay       30 band Graphic Equalizer     Ashley Crossover       individual Amplifiers     Speaker drivers

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