Sound Board

AudioArts Sound Board

Audioarts 8X Recording Console

These boards are no longer made and I could not find replacement parts. Audioarts / Wheatstone is still in business manufacturing high-end broadcast boards but they no longer support this product.

I was fortunate in finding (2) boards, a 24 track and a 16 track, so I have spare parts for some time to come. Although I had two power supplies, I didn’t want to take a chance, I found another on e-bay and snapped it up. Just a word of caution here.

Unless you are a tech that has a solid background in electronics theory and can troubleshoot electronic circuits, locate a tech that does have the knowledge and experience. You will need that person no matter what type of electronics you use. The 8X board that I am using is a 24-8-2 Inline, This means that there are 24 input channels, 8 busses that these channels can be sent to and 2 channels ( left & Right) for final output or mixdown. The ‘Inline’ indicates that the monitor section is located on the channel strips and not as a separate section. The 8X is a medium format board and the sonic quality is excellent. While it does have the routing capabilities that will satisfy most of the engineers, it is not a Neve or SSL. This was not a ‘Plug and Play’ board. It required hardwiring for most of the inputs and outputs and I had spend a lot of time deciding how to route the signals and configure the patchbay.

Sony MXP-390

I originally purchased the Sony Board for my home audio system. It has turned into a great sub-mix board for drums, These board are clean and simple. This one has eight input channels and two out and each channel strip is removable so the is no printed circuit board that connects all of the channels. This feature is really nice when it comes time for repairs. Each channel strip has it’s own EQ and there is both mic and line inputs. There is even Phono inputs on channels 1 & 2. Yes, I do play my vinyl and tapes through the console. Killer stereo system.

For more information on analog sound and acoustics:

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