Control Room Sound Board

AudioArts Sound Board

Sound Board, Board, Console, Sound Mixer or just plain Mixer are a few of the terms used to describe the heart of a recording studio control room.

Although the term Sound Board is more commonly used to describe what is used to mix live sound, it would not be mistaken for drinking fountain if you are in a studio setting.  It is this piece of equipment that determines what happens to the sound wave when it leaves the microphone.

The Sound Board / Console is responsible for the placement of the instrument or vocal in the soundfield (right or left). Through the addition of an outboard echo or reverb device the console controls the depth (near or far) by adding varying amounts of the echo or reverb signal (wet) back into the original (dry) signal.

All professional Sound Boards / Consoles come with basic equalization, pads, line / mic select, que or foldback and pan (left – right). The most important feature though is it’s ability to route the audio signal to outboard processors and to assign a particular channel to a specific buss or busses.

The mixer at Albro Analog Audio is an Audioarts Engineering 8X.
It is an Inline, 24 channel, 8 buss board. It can also be described as a
24 / 8 / 2 . This means that 24 inputs can be asigned to any of the 8 buses and then the 8 busses mixed down to 2 channels or stereo.

This Console was not my first choice but ….. the seller had (2) boards:
a 24 channel and a 16 channel and both were 8 Buss. I will have to recap a few / all of the channels but it is a small price for what has been described online as a clean and solid Soundboard. Anyway, I have plenty of spares. Audioarts is not an name you hear a lot about in the recording business.

Audioarts was, and is, huge in the broadcast industry. They are known worldwide for their broadcast boards and broadcast audio processors.My final price for both boards was $1,500  and I consider them worth much more.

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