Studio amps should be sized for the load they are driving and the volume set so’clipping’ does not occur. As with all solid state amps, they need to be sized about 3 times the rated wattage of the speakers. This will help with distortion and clipping at higher dB levels on music with greater dynamic ranges.

Tube amps amplify the signal in a different manner and should be sized the same as the rated output of the speakers.

The following are amplifiers that are installed for the Control Room ….

Custom configured JBL C-50SM Soffit System

Hafler P-7000 handles the Sub Woofer in the Control Room – 18″ Low Frequency speaker.

Crown D-75 Drives the Mid Bass in the Control Room – 15″ JBL.

Crown D-75a Drives  the Mid High Frequency in the Control Room – 5″ JBL LA-5.

Crown D-60 Drives the Ultra High Frequency Slot Tweeter in the Control Room – JBL 2405.

ALTEC Model 19 Soffit mounted monitors

Hafler P-3000 Handles the Altec Model 19 speakers

Hafler Amplifiers

Yamaha NS-10 Nearfield monitors

These amps are well suited for studio work. They are convection cooled (no fan noise) and are quite stable. They DO need ventilation and should be installed in air conditioned space.

Hafler P-7000    Drives the JBL 4699b speakers in the studio.

Hafler P-3000    Drives the Yamaha NS-10M’s Nearfield monitors in the control room

Hafler P-3000    Drives the custom JBL monitors in the studio

Hafler P-1500    Spare amp

Symetrix Headphone amp

Dynaco ST-120 Reproduction

This is a two channel tube amp that delivers 60 watts per channel. This amp drives the vintage Altec 9844A control room monitors. These amps come in ‘Kit Form’ or completely wired and tested. Each amp is hand wired, point to point and thoroughly tested before shipment. The chassis is non-magnetic stainless steel to remove any magnetic interference. The tube set may be upgraded for personal preference. This combination speaker / amp gives me the warm, vintage sound of control rooms that I heard 35 to 40 years ago.

For more information on acoustics and analog sound:

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