Update on Recording Studio Construction

Studio Foundation

A couple of weeks ago the foundation subcontractor installed the framework and we are now waiting on the City to issue a permit so that we can get an inspection and do the perimeter foundation pour.

After getting a letter from the City (forwarded through the architect), we still have a couple of issues to deal with before we get the permit:

  • The access the sewer transition from building to alley. This was easy, it was already part of the plan.
  • A $1688.00 sewer access fee. Dennis protested this by asking ‘How does the sewer know if  I’m urinating in the existing house or in the new building?’, but ended up paying it anyway. Now the government is charging us if we want to pee in my new building.
  • The installation of a second electrical meter main. After writing a letter of explanation as to why we needed this, it was granted, on one condition; we get a letter from the Electric service provider saying that they would provide power for the second meter.

We contacted the electrical provider and they sent out an engineer who decided that we needed to pay for a power pole to be installed. Estimated cost for this pole, the engineering, the installation it and the new supply lines, was in the neighborhood of $2,000.00. This expense is not in our budget!

We called the chief engineer for the electrical provider. This gentleman is an old friend of Dennis’ due to his years as an electrical contractor in this area. Dennis protested the new pole and advised the engineer that the supply lines would clear the neighbor’s trees in their back yard.

During this conversation Dennis was advised that a pole could be installed at “no charge” if we were willing to install a commercial light fixture in the alley for three years. In fact we had already planned on installing a dusk to dawn fixture in the alley for security purposes.

At this point we are waiting for the chief engineer to make another trip to the house to confirm the details. When he writes the letter the city requires, we should be able to get our permit, then our inspection and finally, get the perimeter foundation poured.

Once we have the permit in our possession, the processing of building the recording studio will begin in earnest.

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